BMW carbon fiber frame

Fiber Modeling for Long Glass Molding Developed by National Labs – Industry First

Material innovation and lightweight fiber composites are transforming the global automotive industry. Short glass fibers (0.2 – 0.4mm) gave new strength to plastic automotive parts as early as the 1950’s. Today’s “laid up” (not injected or extruded) plastic carbon fiber sheet configurations are lightweighting racing and high performance vehicles: the Chevy Mi-ray Concept, the BMW i3, […]

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Crumple Zone

Physics in the Crumple Zone Demonstrate How Less Stiff Plastic Materials Can Help Prevent Injury and Save Lives

 Technology + New Materials Save Lives Thanks to computers that are more powerful than ever before, an on-screen crash can offer nearly as much information as a real one. Crumple zones are structural areas in the front and sometimes rear of a vehicle that are designed to absorb energy upon impact in a predictable […]

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