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Automotive Plastics Drive Sustainable Solutions on the Road to a Circular Economy

Automakers and their suppliers are working to improve sustainability in the automotive industry, in part by accelerating the “circular economy.” Unlike the prevalent linear economic model — in which products such as vehicles are made, used, and discarded — under the circular-economy model products are designed and built to remain in use for as long […]

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A New Type of Carbon Fiber Points the Way to Lighter and Safer Automobiles

In recent years automakers have introduced parts made of carbon fiber into cars and trucks, due to its unique qualities. The material is five times stronger than steel, yet much lighter. “Currently most carbon fibers are produced from a polymer known as polyacrylonitrile, or PAN” says Małgorzata Kowalik, researcher in Penn State’s Department of Mechanical […]

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Automotive Plastics – Lightweighting a Minivan, One Seat at a Time

The ability to reduce vehicle weight is one of automotive plastics’ most important benefits. Vehicle lightweighting helps improve energy efficiency and meet U.S. Government Standards for fuel economy and emissions requirements. Advanced, lightweight materials such as plastics and composites also allow cars to enable new electronic and emission-control systems, without increasing weight in many cases. […]

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Coming Soon: Antimicrobial polymers to help keep auto occupants safe and healthy

It’s estimated that many drivers and passengers spend more than 10 hours each week traveling in automobiles, which are enclosed spaces having numerous touch points. This means increased opportunities for travelers to be exposed to bacteria and viruses. Typical touch points include door handles, seats, steering wheel, gear shift, touch-screen display, and instrument panel. The […]

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Tube-and-Node Frame Structure

Deep Orange 11 – A Student-designed, Sustainable Vehicle for 2035

Lighter. Stronger. Smarter. This is the mantra of Clemson University’s 31-student team which is advancing sustainable-vehicle design using engineered and fiber-reinforced plastics. Clemson students are completing an ultra-efficient concept vehicle designed for the year 2035 – and a big part of their design takes advantage of engineered and fiber-reinforced plastics. About Deep Orange 11 The […]

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personal mobility

The Personal Mobility Revolution Has Arrived!

The role of the automobile and its place in daily life is drastically changing, and with that comes a new set of realities and opportunities. A key aspect of Automotive Plastics’ Roadmap to Future Mobility is personal mobility; and a broad range of social, political, and economic factors are greatly changing the standards, expectations, and […]

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roadmap for future mobility

The NEW Roadmap for Future Mobility is Here

Exciting news! An incredible updated roadmap for future mobility was recently released, and it’s paving the way for automakers and their various suppliers to change the industry like never before. In light of emerging new mobility needs, environmental awareness, and the pursuit of a new level of innovation, this roadmap will provide a framework necessary […]

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The Game-Changing Chemical Reaction Happening in The Automotive Industry

We’ve all heard of chemical engineering is, and most of us understand what a chemical reaction is. But how many of us know what these have to do with our next car? We’ll allow Jose Chirino, a chemical engineer working to change the environment and auto industry for the better, to explain. To begin, chemistry […]

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Get Ready – Cars of the Future Depend on Polymers and Composites!

“Plastics will be with you, for you, between you, around you, in front of you, behind you, next to you, above you, beneath you and beside you!” It’s no exaggeration—plastics are well on their way to becoming an integral part of a sustainable future. They will be especially vital to new modes of transportation, particularly […]

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Plastics and Polymer Composites in Light Vehicles

Light vehicles represent an important market for plastics and polymer composites in North America, one that has grown significantly during the last five decades.

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Intrusion into Vehicle with Various Materials

Study Shows Polymer Composites Save Lives and Weight while Exceeding New NHTSA Frontal Oblique Crash Intrusion Requirements

Recent developments in the automotive industry will require that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) meet the new National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s requirements for vehicle safety. To meet these higher standards, OEMs are now required to strengthen the front end of almost all vehicles. The material of choice to get this job done? Studies are […]

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carbon fiber pickup bed

The 2019 Sierra Denali: A Heavy Duty Pickup Truck Utilizing a Carbon Fiber Bed!

Ladies and gentleman, you read it here first. General Motors is set to officially release its 2019 Sierra Denali, a pickup truck with a never before seen special feature exclusive to the upcoming vehicle—a carbon fiber reinforced plastic bed known as the CarbonPro Box.  This is a smart move by GM considering the increasing popularity […]

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The Strength & Safety of Lightweight Vehicles

There’s nothing lightweight about the safety of lightweighting cars. And although lightweighting is shown by the federal government’s own studies to be lifesaving (the EPA estimates that reducing vehicle weight can save approximately 451 lives per billion miles traveled), the current political climate is espousing that the “relatively cost-effective technology option of vehicle lightweighting…will increase […]

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Mobility Experts, Decision & Industry Leaders Needed!

Contact us today to see if you qualify and what you can contribute! The American Chemistry Council seeks to engage technical experts, decision-makers, and other mobility industry leaders. The plastics and polymer composites industry is building a bridge to tomorrow’s trends. What industry-wide actions can speed up widespread enhanced safety and mobility? How can new […]

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Plastics Enabling Autonomy In New Directions: Mobile Art Gallery

As a kid growing up in Ontario, I wanted to be a dentist. But, as I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in biopharmaceutical sciences, I changed direction.

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How to Put an Electric Control Button INTO the Surface

How to Put an Electric Control Button INTO the Surface…

TactoTek a structural electronics manufacturer is using plastics to make vehicle ‘connectivity’ more human. The “touchy-feely” printed circuitry of  in-mold electronics uses injection molded plastic in several layers, to create a custom “in-situ” part that replaces many standard multi-part switches, knobs, controls and wiring.

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You Won't Believe This: A REAL Plastic Engine

You Won’t Believe This: A REAL Plastic Engine

Solvay a chemistry company known for modern innovation for 153 years is a key sponsor for the Polimotor 2 project: an initiative to build an “all-plastic” engine that reduces overall engine weight by up to 30%. How is it possible to take 30% of the weight of an engine block off? The engine cylinder sleeves are metal; but the block is a tough, resilient thermoset plastic.

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Autonomous Car Design Beats Detroit Traffic and Parking Lot Congestion

When designing a vehicle for Detroit in 2035, Zachary Rusack, (College for Creative Studies) had one lingering question. Should we change the city or change the vehicle to improve transportation?

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Chevy Bolt 500 X 186 Hero top image

Lightweighting in the 2017 Green Car of the Year

Electric cars can play an important role making our world more sustainable and energy efficient, and helping the automotive industry meet growing global emission regulations. However, some consumers still view EVs with practical skepticism for their day-to-day lives, due to the often limited driving ranges offered …until now. Enter the Chevy Bolt, 2017’s Green Car […]

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From the Detroit Auto Show: It’s a Car, It’s a Boat, It’s… the Future

When Lucy Lee, a student at the College for Creative Studies (CSS) in Detroit, Michigan, was tasked with designing an environmentally sustainable vehicle of the future, she produced something that utilized the city’s most abundant resource ー water. The CCS students were presenting at the Plastics News Automotive conference held in conjunction with and during the North American […]

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