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Mission and Roadmap

The American Chemistry Council’s Automotive Center provides a forum to encourage innovative thinking and promote broader applications for plastics in the automotive industry.

ACCESS RoadmapThe Automotive Center will accomplish this mission by offering information on the total life cycle benefits of plastics including design, manufacture, assembly, use, disassembly, recovery or reuse and disposal of automotive parts and systems.

Collaborating with industry partners, we will utilize an array of delivery methods, both state-of-the-art electronic and traditional, for meetings, seminars, workshops, resource referrals, libraries, databases and other information, to meet the evolving needs of Automotive OEMs, system integrators, processors, recyclers, regulators, and ACC’s Plastics Division members.

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Research Underway for 2020 Roadmap - Key Trends to Watch


  • Very impactful trend; Lightweighting integral to necessary weight savings; Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) migration toward Electric Vehicles (EV) propulsion
  • Global trend; Critical enabler for connectivity and autonomy
  • More on Electrification here

Connectivity and Autonomy

  • Added electronics and data processing technologies can drive thermal management needs, lightweighting, and innovative ways to embody and conceal electronics
  • Highly depends on future of electric vehicles with stable electrical systems. What will be optimal voltage for transition hybrids and full electric propulsion units
  • More on Autonomy and Connectivity Here

Shared Mobility