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The American Chemistry Council Automotive Center provides a variety of information about plastic materials from our plastic resource library, ranging from videos to brochures to definitions of common plastics acronyms and terms. Follow the links below for detailed information about plastics.

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Curated articles from the world press and recent research on latest innovations.


Crumple Zone Automotive Plastics in Chassis Exceeds New NHTSA Oblique Crash Requirements

New GMU Finite Element Analysis Shows Polymer Composites Save Lives and Weight while Exceeding New NHTSA Frontal Oblique Crash Intrusion Requirements

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Chemistry and Automobiles: Lighting the Way to the Future of Motor Vehicles

Automobiles that are lighter weight, more fuel efficient and safer for occupants are made possible by plastics and other products of chemistry. This report captures the role that lightweight plastic and other chemistry products play in the performance, fuel efficiency and safety.     Download the PDF



Info-graphics, popular visual aids and NHTSA studies.


Automotive Plastics & Polymer Composites: A Roadmap for Future Mobility

ACC's Automotive Plastics & Polymer Composites roadmap outlines a framework to address the megatrends driving the future personal mobility revolution.

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Mission and Roadmap

Our Automotive Center provides a forum for experts, federal agencies and the auto supply chain to encourage gap analysis, innovative thinking and to promote broader polymer solutions for the automotive industry.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. More questions? See our “Contact Us” section.

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Recycling LCA

Learn more about the life cycle of automobiles, and efforts to lessen the environmental impact of automobiles by recycling automobile components.


Transitioning Toward a Circular Economy

Learn more about how the industry is Transitioning toward a Circular Economy for Automotive Plastics and Polymer Composites.


Common automotive acronyms for plastics in automotive.


Glossary of common plastics in automotive terms.

Plastics 101

A complete college level introductory course on plastics.

Plastics in “Action!”

All of our videos in one place. Reversible Bonding, Plasma, Sustainability, Auto Shows, Interviews, Upcoming Designers, and much more.