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Automotive Plastics

Automotive plastics have changed the way that cars are made.

Every part of the modern car, from performance to aesthetics, is impacted by plastics.

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Automotive Plastics Today

Plastics are being used to to take common problems and solve them in extraodinary ways.

In Ways That Often Surprise

The Future Starts Here

The Automotive Plastics and Polymer Composites Roadmap for Future Mobility is charting the path forward in autonomy, connectivity, circularity, electrification, shared mobility, and sustainability.

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The Future of Mobility

Look Into the FUTURE: Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification, Sustainability

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Transitioning to a circular economy cover

Transitioning Toward a Circular Economy

The transition toward a circular economy for industrial goods will require the automotive industry and its suppliers to rethink the ways that vehicles and their materials are designed, constructed, used, and handled at end of life. We’re starting the conversation now.

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