Plastics 101

Today’s plastics are exceptional materials that allow automotive engineers to devise exceptional engineering and styling solutions. The American Chemistry Council (ACC) Plastics Automotive Center offers a variety of information to help you enhance your working knowledge of how plastics benefit automotive engineering. You can also learn about recent innovations, as well as meet and share ideas with others interested in automobile engineering and education.

The ACC Automotive Center presents here the course materials for an elementary college-level Plastics 101 course. These curriculum materials were developed by Professors Jon Meckley, and Brian Young at Penn State—Erie, Behrends Campus, and are now being offered as a first level course at the University.



Quizzes and Exams


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Question 8 (.doc)


Exam 1 (.doc)
Exam 2 (.doc)
Exam 3 (.doc)
Exam 3B (.doc)


Feel free to peruse the materials at your own level of interest and speed. If you are interested in taking the course for college credits contact the Adult Education/Extension Division at Penn State – Erie.

To see what the car designers of tomorrow are thinking about after THEY have taken the basics in Plastics 101, watch the College for Creative Studies Presents “Cars of Tomorrow” — Student designers of tomorrow are creating remarkable plastics-intensive vehicle concept cars today. Watch this 3 minute video to learn more.