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“Sustainably Speaking” Podcast Explores The Automotive “EV”olution

Automotive movement

Sustainably Speaking is a podcast launched in 2021 for innovators, thought leaders, and industry experts to discuss ways to increase sustainability, develop a circular economy for plastics , and ensure a lower-carbon future.

The podcast’s episodes have covered topics ranging from advanced plastics recycling to preventing food waste, expanding the use of sustainable technologies , and the growing influence of Generation Z in building a bright and sustainable future.

In Episode 2, titled “The EVolution” Sustainably Speaking host Joshua Baca talks with industry experts about revolutionary changes in the automotive industry. For example, automakers are rapidly adding more electric vehicles to their lineups to improve sustainability. To help reach these goals, automakers and their suppliers are relying heavily on plastic and composite materials to produce lighter, stronger parts and components.

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Baca interviews two front-line experts – Dr. Debra Mielewski, Technical Fellow of Sustainability at the Ford Motor Company, and Paul Snyder, Chair of the Transportation Design Department at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Together they explore how the industry is moving toward sustainability by rethinking automotive systems, and how plastic makers and automakers are working together to design the vehicles of the future.

The following episode finds Joshua Baca speaking more broadly with Eastman Chemical CEO Mark Costa about creating a circular economy through the use of innovative technologies. Costa explains how Eastman’s materials are being used in the automotive industry — as well as in fashion and food-and-beverage packaging – to help promote circularity through the design, manufacturing and recycling stages of products.

In Episode 12 of Sustainably Speaking, Mia Quinn and her Gen-Z co-host Carly Zaccaria talk with BASF sustainability expert Gulay Serhatkulu, who is also the mother of an 18-year-old future engineer. They look at Gen-Z’s environmental awareness and desire for societal and corporate support of a more sustainable culture.

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