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Help Us Provide the Mobility Experiences of the Future

We need your help to realize the future of personal mobility.

As the personal mobility revolution continues to evolve, the potential for delivering and capturing business value in the automotive sector through materials innovation has never been higher. The advanced plastics and polymer composites industry is ready to work with automakers to reach new levels of automotive performance and provide consumers with the mobility experiences of the future.

The scope of the R&D activities outlined in this roadmap and level of investment required is beyond the means of any single organization. ACC will steward the roadmap’s implementation but does not have the resources necessary to implement it in its entirety. Both independent and coordinated action among stakeholders is critical: industry partners—automotive advanced plastics and polymer composites providers, automotive OEMs, and suppliers—as well as academic and national laboratory researchers and government agencies must all work together to conduct the R&D activities and lead the initiatives outlined in this roadmap and accelerate progress toward safe, modern mobility solutions.

Leveraging the collective, cross-sector expertise and resources of these mobility stakeholders is the best way to unleash the full potential of advanced plastics and polymer composites. Together, we can create the breakthrough innovations needed to realize more affordable, accessible, sustainable, and environmentally responsible mobility solutions for all.

To get involved in this roadmap’s activities, contact Gina Oliver at Gina-Marie_Oliver@americanchemistry.com