ACC Joins Coalition for Future Mobility

WASHINGTON (April 1, 2019)—The American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division has joined the Coalition for Future Mobility, which encourages bipartisan congressional leadership to advance the safe testing and deployment of automated vehicle technology in the United States.

The Coalition for Future Mobility—a group that represents a wide cross section of auto manufacturers, suppliers, repairers, technology companies, mobility providers, state and local governments, safety and national security groups, consumers, seniors, and persons with disabilities—was created to highlight the critical need for a federal framework that allows for the safe development, testing, and deployment of automated vehicles here in the United States.

Fully autonomous vehicles hold the promise of drastically reducing crashes and saving lives, while providing freedom of mobility for many Americans who may be limited by current transportation options. The ACC’s Plastics Division supports the Coalition’s efforts to promote autonomous vehicle legislation that will provide a technology-neutral pathway for improved safety, industry innovation, and regulatory clarity,” said Gina Oliver, senior director of automotive for ACC’s Plastics Division.

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